March 30, 2007

Last night was TMNT, which was just okay for me. I was never a huge ninja turtles fan to begin with, but it wasn't torture. The whole thing was eclipsed with the fact that before the movie started I discovered my favourite brit pop boy band from way back, Take That, reformed. !!!!! Sans Robbie Williams, of course. I ran to Future Shop today after work and picked up the new album. I still loves me some Take That, and Gary is still the cutest one.


Marg said...

I am taking my son and his friend to the drive in tonight. One of them wants to see TMNT -I'm trying to get it to be Meet the Robinsons!

As for Take That, one of our video shows featured them last week and it was so good to hear some of their old songs...and their new ones are good too! Robbie was always my favourite - now...Gary seems like a good bloke!

Heather said...

Meet the Robinsons looks good, we're probably going to see it this week. It's always funny when a t-rex is complaining about their tiny arms!

I've been downloading some old TT since my old CDs are in a box in my parents basement. Even Bellan likes the new stuff, and he's decided that Howard is his favourite.